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How to make Natural Floor Cleaner | All Natural Cleaning Products | Chemical Free Cleaning | Pet Friendly Floor Cleaner | All Natural Homemade Cleaning



Homemade Non-Toxic, Pet Friendly, Inexpensive and Easy to make Floor Cleaner for all floor types!

I was always concerned about the floor cleaners I used being safe for our dogs. Since they like to lick the floor in the kitchen and I tend to drop things a lot, I figured it would be in our best interests to find something safe, healthy, chemical free and effective that would also save us money in the long run!
And this recipe is it!

I am so impressed with this mixture, it actually cleaned some spots I never thought would come clean. And now I feel confident that my kitchen is chemical free and our dogs are safe to eat stuff off of the floor again. This mix will disinfect and there is no need to rinse since no sticky residue is left behind...

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How to Make Natural Laundry Detergent | Chemical Free Laundry Detergent | Liquid Laundry Detergent | Homemade HE Laundry Soap | Natural Laundry Soap at home for less

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(HE friendly)

How much does a large box of regular or natural laundry detergent cost these days? And a large jug of liquid, HE friendly, regular or natural laundry detergent can be even more expensive! And how many do you go through in a year?  My goodness think of the fun you can have with the money you save on Laundry detergent alone! We can all afford to take the extra time to save some coin!…and reduce our chemical exposure in the process.

Now you can make your OWN natural Homemade Laundry Detergent, save your health and save money all in one! It’s a win win and it’s super easy!

**Check out...

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How to Make Fluoride Free Toothpaste | Homemade Natural Tooth Powder | Healthy Toothpaste at home | Inexpensive Homemade Recipe | Fluoride free Toothpaste



 It’s time to save your family money, save your health and save your teeth with some simple, easy and natural home recipes for toothpaste and tooth powder!

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How to make Gluten Free Crackers | Vegan Raw Seed Crackers | Vegan Crackers | Gluten Free Cracker Recipe | High Fiber Gluten Free Raw Vegan Crackers


Hippie Chips!

Multi-Seed Power Crackers: Allergen Free, Raw, Vegan, High Fiber

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How to Quit Smoking Naturally | Natural Quit Smoking Tips | Facts about Smoking Cigarettes | Cigarette Facts


Would you like to quit smoking and save your health?

Read more to find out how quickly the body starts to HEAL after quitting, Natural Tips to help you QUIT and REPAIR your lungs and the nasty TRUTH inside cigarettes.

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How to Make Organic Raw Almond Butter | How to Make Homemade Raw Almond Butter | How to make Raw Almond Butter | Raw Almond Butter at Home | Homemade nut butter | Nut Butter Recipe


Homemade Organic Raw Almond Butter

Simple, Quick and Easy!

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How to Post Workout Recovery | How to Post Race Recovery | How to Recover from sore Muscles | How to for Sore Muscle Recovery | How to Ease Tired Muscles | Muscles and Recovery Tips | Fitness Training Tips

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Post Race and Post Workout Recovery Tips

We all know how painful simple tasks can be the night after a big race or athletic event and the two days after a hard workout. How many of us have tried to avoid the bathroom, or simply dreaded it, just so you didn’t have to bend your leg’s to sit down? Oh come on now, don’t be shy, we’ve all been there. I’ve personally contemplated installing the handicap support bars next to my toilet for this very reason.
If you’re training for a big event or competition it can be excruciating trying to stay on your training schedule when it feels like every muscle including your eyelids are sore! Here are some tried and true all natural recovery tips to help you recover faster without the use of expensive or crazy weird supplements you can’t pronounce.

photo 1 (4)     Health is Wealth Massage 3    ...

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How to make Healthy Vegan Soup | How to make Raw Green Pea & Spinach Soup | Hot Cold Raw Vegan Soup


Raw Vegan Green Pea & Spinach Soup! (Hot or Cold)

This refreshing healthy soup is fantastic HOT or COLD in winter or summer! Try them both!

I r...

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