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How to Juicing Recipe | Home Juice Recipes | Green Juice of the day recipe | Vegetable Juicing Recipes | Home Vegetable Juicing Recipe





This juice wi...

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How to make Gluten Free Flat Bread | High Fiber Flat Bread Recipe | Leftover Juicing Pulp Bread Recipe | Allergen Free High Fiber Bread Recipe | Allergen Free Vegetable Bread

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Homemade Veggie Flat Bread made with leftover Juicing Pulp

Wait! Don’t throw that juice pulp away! There is still a lot of good fiber and nutrients left in it that you could consume. Learn how to you’re your very own Veggie flat bread and more healthy food items through Health is Wealth HIS blog. This recipe is homemade, vegan, high fiber, allergen free, and nutritionally dense! Enjoy!

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How to make Homemade Raw CACAO Chocolate | Make your own Vegan Raw Chocolate | Raw Vegan Cacao dessert | Homemade Healthy Chocolate

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Homemade Raw Vegan Organic Chocolate

Choose your Chocolate wisely! Here is one way to make your own at home. Enjoy!

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How to make Homemade Peanut Butter Cups | Vegan Raw Organic Dessert | Raw Vegan Peanut Butter Cups | Raw CACAO dessert | Raw Vegan Chocolate

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Healthy Homemade Peanut Butter Cups


Allergen free, Raw-Vegan, Organic Cacao and Almond Butter Cups

I am on a mission to make healthy alternatives to all of my husbands’ favorite sweet tooth treats. And peanut butter cups are a major weakness for him. I have successfully mastered a delicious and nutritious recipe to make them at home in less than 15 minutes! I recently served them at a family gathering; everyone enjoyed them and was amazed at how simple and delicious they were.

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How to Make Fluoride Free Toothpaste | Homemade Natural Tooth Powder | Healthy Toothpaste at home | Inexpensive Homemade Recipe | Fluoride free Toothpaste



 It’s time to save your family money, save your health and save your teeth with some simple, easy and natural home recipes for toothpaste and tooth powder!

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How to make Gluten free Hummus | Curry Hummus | Vegan Dip | Allergen Free Hummus | Healthy Hummus Recipe


Hippie Dip!

Hip Hip Hippie Dip! Now you can be the one to bring the healthy chips and dip to the next party. This combo is sure to please as you show off your homemade healthy goodness and culinary skills!

This recipe contains all Organic Ingredients. Allergen Free and Vegan.

Enjoy with Hippie Chips! (pictured, see Hippie Chip Blog recipe)

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How to make Gluten Free Crackers | Vegan Raw Seed Crackers | Vegan Crackers | Gluten Free Cracker Recipe | High Fiber Gluten Free Raw Vegan Crackers


Hippie Chips!

Multi-Seed Power Crackers: Allergen Free, Raw, Vegan, High Fiber

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How to Quit Smoking Naturally | Natural Quit Smoking Tips | Facts about Smoking Cigarettes | Cigarette Facts


Would you like to quit smoking and save your health?

Read more to find out how quickly the body starts to HEAL after quitting, Natural Tips to help you QUIT and REPAIR your lungs and the nasty TRUTH inside cigarettes.

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How to make High Fiber Pancakes | Allergen Free Pancakes | Gluten Free Pancakes | Dark Chocolate Banana Vegan Pancakes | Chocolate Chip Pancakes | Healthy Pancakes


NO GUILT High Fiber, Allergen Free, Vegan, Chocolate Chip, Banana Pancakes!

This recipe is PROOF that you don’t have to give up the foods you once enjoyed in order to be Healthy, Happy, Vegan and/or Allergen Free!!

I cam...

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How to easy Juice recipe | Morning Multivitamin Juice | Juice Therapy | Juice for Nutrition | Liquid Multivitamin



This beauty is packed with vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, electrolytes and more, which are all essential for your everyday health and longevity!


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