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Hippie Dip!

Hip Hip Hippie Dip! Now you can be the one to bring the healthy chips and dip to the next party. This combo is sure to please as you show off your homemade healthy goodness and culinary skills!

This recipe contains all Organic Ingredients. Allergen Free and Vegan.

Enjoy with Hippie Chips! (pictured, see Hippie Chip Blog recipe)


Ingredients and Directions:

-16 oz. of Garbonzo Beans, soaked and lightly warmed/slow cooked to release nutrients. OR from 1 16 oz. Bag (frozen and thawed in warm water)

Note: Avoid all canned foods due to the BPA and preservatives used to process and can them. Processing and preservatives with canning also depletes nutrients.

-1/2-3/4 cup Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

-1/2 Organic lemon, juiced OR peeled with seeds removed and toss it in for added nutrients from the pulp

-2-3 Organic Garlic Cloves

-Organic Curry Spice Seasoning

-Organic Black Pepper, ground

-Sea Salt to taste, add towards the end and taste test to avoid over salting

-In a food processor combine all ingredients and process until smooth. If mixture is too thick, add more Olive Oil to desired consistency.

-Enjoy with Hippie Chips for an Awesome Healthy High Fiber Snack!

Cheers, as I raise my Hippie Chip with Hippie Dip to your Health!

-Health is Wealth – IHS, Miranda Reyes, NCMTB, RMT, CMH

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