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Raw Vegan Green Pea & Spinach Soup! (Hot or Cold)

This refreshing healthy soup is fantastic HOT or COLD in winter or summer! Try them both!

I rarely measure while creating fantastic recipes; it really is all in your preference. I have given a good idea on measurements below, but taste this soup along the way and add more of what you think it needs! I would love to hear what you changed so please comment below on what you added to make it even more fantastic!

Items and Ingredients needed:

*Vitamix or Food Processor

*25-35 oz. of Warm/Hot filtered or Pure Spring Water. NOT BOILING!

*24 oz. of Organic Raw Green Peas

*4 handfuls of Organic Raw Spinach

*2-4 cloves Organic Raw Garlic

*2 teaspoon Raw Organic Coconut Oil (OR) Organic Olive Oil

*2-4 dashes of Organic Cumin

**Optional: Add 1 Handful of Raw Organic Almonds (Raw Cashews or Walnuts would work also) to help thicken soup to your desired consistency and increase healthy fats and fiber content.

*Sea Salt to taste, at at end to avoid over salting


Add all ingredients, except for water, to your Vitamix or Food Processor.

Blend on low and slowly increase the speed while adding the water slowly up to your desired consistency. More water = thinner soup. Less water = thicker soup.

Optional: Add Almonds slowly to increase thickness and make the soup creamier, to your desired consistency.

Top With: Raw Flax Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Chia Seeds (these will thicken the soup as they congeal), Pumpkin Seeds, etc… For Cold Soup, thinly sliced Raw Organic carrots, Alfalfa Sprouts and vegan sweet chili sauce make a fantastic combination.

Note: The Hot water will still allow this soup to remain RAW, as long as the water is not boiling. If you own a Vitamix it will warm the soup if you would rather start with warm water and let the Vitamix blend it until it’s hot enough for soup. See your Vitamix directions for speed settings and time requirements, some can be different.


soup1            soup

-Health is Wealth – Integrative Health Specialist, Miranda Reyes, NCTMB, RMT, CMH

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