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(HE friendly)

How much does a large box of regular or natural laundry detergent cost these days? And a large jug of liquid, HE friendly, regular or natural laundry detergent can be even more expensive! And how many do you go through in a year?  My goodness think of the fun you can have with the money you save on Laundry detergent alone! We can all afford to take the extra time to save some coin!…and reduce our chemical exposure in the process.

Now you can make your OWN natural Homemade Laundry Detergent, save your health and save money all in one! It’s a win win and it’s super easy!

**Check out the NEW EASIEST POWDERED recipe and  NEW UPDATES to the small/bulk batch Powdered recipes below!**  (6/6/14)

Do you ever feel like your clothes make you itchy, the fibers feel stiff or don’t really feel as clean as they should?

I can honestly say that my clothes feel cleaner, the fibers feel softer, they smell better, my skin doesn’t itch and the overpowering scent of “Spring Meadow or Fresh Linen” doesn’t permeate in the air or sting my eye’s when I wear a fresh out of the wash t-shirt.

It’s a nice feeling knowing that the natural ingredients I use are healthier for me and my family while we save money.

On top of that I have been able to create SEVERAL EASY recipes for both powdered and liquid Laundry soaps. The recipes are listed from Minimal Effort to the Most effort, yet all are still fairly simple, depending on your preference of laundry soap. Heck try them all and let me know which you like best!

I should mention that I found organic liquid Castile Soap on sale at the local discount grocery store that brought the price down even more. BUT you can find other brans of Castile soap online in bulk for less than $10. I’ve learned to bargain shop and never pay full price for anything! Seriously, when it comes to prices these day it’s worth the extra effort.

Try these simple recipes for Liquid or Powder Laundry Detergent to reduce your chemical exposure, save your health, clean your clothes and SAVE MONEY!

Check out the other natural and inexpensive homemade recipes I have for All Purpose Cleaner, Dishwashing Detergent, Spot Cleaner, Wall Cleaner, Tub and Tile cleaner, Oven Cleaner, Mirror and Glass Cleaner, Toilet bowl Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Wood Polish and more! These easy recipe’s can be a FUN way to get the family involved in your health and cleaning. And you can all feel proud and liberated for making your own healthy products.

If you don’t see the recipe you’re interested in up on the blog, leave a comment below and I will submit the recipe and let you know right away.

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Enjoy! And Cheers to your Health and Wellness!

-Health is Wealth – Integrative Health Specialist, Miranda Reyes, NCTMB, RMT, CMH-



Now you have NO EXCUSE to make your own powdered laundry detergent, for just pennies!

Ingredients and Items needed:

(Less than 5 minute prep time!)

-4 lb box Borax $3

-3 lb box Washing Soda $2.60

-8-9 cups Baking Soda $1

-LARGE Storage container

(Reuse another container, bucket, empty protein powder jug, empty box from your last store bought powdered detergent….)


-Pour all powdered ingredients into the storage container, seal the lid and shake to mix powdered ingredients together.

And you’re Done!

Note: If you are using the empty box from your last store bought powders detergent, use a large mixing spoon or stick to mix the ingredients together, since most come in cardboard boxes that you can no longer seal to shake.


***NEW EASY BULK POWDERED RECIPE! Little to NO measuring required! Up to 1 year of detergent for $8 (2 people)***

This recipe is similar to the POWDERED LAUNDRY DETERGENT that uses LIQUID Castile Soap listed below. Under ingredients, follow the amounts listed for BULK BATCH. And Follow the directions listed.


This is an altered recipe from the original powdered recipe below. Since I only had LIQUID Castle Soap on hand and just used the last of my liquid laundry Detergent, I had to scramble to see what else I could use to make a big batch in a short amount of time, to get the laundry done. My homemade Liquid laundry detergent takes longer to make, so I went with a bulk version of the powder. I was soooo pleased I didn’t have to grate any bars of soap and risk the dreaded knuckle chop in the process. I now LOVE THIS more than the liquid recipe I made below and find that it is easier to store and use! ENJOY!

Ingredients needed:

(prep time = 10 min. for small batch / 15 min. for BULK BATCH)

Small Batch Ingredients:

-6 cups borax (I use 20 Mule Team)

-6 cups Washing Soda

-3 cups Baking Soda

-6-8 oz. LIQUID Organic Castile Soap

(I have found that I can use LESS of the Liquid Castle Soap and still see the same results)

BULK Batch ingredients:

-4 lb Box Borax (20 mule Team or other) $3

-3 lb Box Washing Soda (Arm&Hamer or other) $2.60

-8-9 Cups Baking Soda $1

-8-12 oz. Liquid Castle Soap $2-5 (depending on brand)

(Dr. Bronners Brand is great but more $$, other less expensive Castile soaps work just as well)

(I’ve found that I can use LESS of the Liquid Castle Soap and still see the same results)

Items Needed:

-Food Processor

-Large spoon, spatulas or stick to stir with

-1 large storage container or bucket with secure lid for storage


NOTE: If you have a smaller food processor, you will need break the ingredients apart into smaller batches to mix them, then add each batch to the same large storage container. Simply shake the closed container up to mix everything evenly.

-Combine all powdered ingredients into a LARGE food processor and blend (mix several small batches and combine for bulk recipe)

-Add Liquid Castle Soap to the powder as it is being blended in the food processor through the feeder hole in the top

-Blend everything in the food processor until it is a smooth powder and no longer clumpy. Note: You may need to stop the food processor and scrape down the sides and blend again a few times to incorporate everything together.

Note: with this large batch you will need to add small amounts to the food processor at a time, that’s where the mixing bowl comes in handy OR simply pour from the box containers for the BULK recipe

-Once everything is blended, pour the mix into your large storage container. With multiple small batches, simply add them all to the large container, close the lid and shake it up to make sure everything is evenly mixed together.

Don’t worry about being precise with your measurements or pours from the boxes while blending small batches. Once it is all in the large container you can shake it all up evenly.

And you’re done!

HE Friendly! For our front loader I use 3 tbsp. (small loads) to 4 tbsp.  (large loads)  per load and it works GREAT! For heavy soiled clothes- mud, grease, oil, etc… I will add a 2-3 tbsp. to the pre-wash cup and it seems to clean them right up!



(prep time = 10-15 min.)

Items and Ingredients needed:

- Rubber Gloves

- Measuring Cup

- Large Container with Lid

- 1 cup Borax

- 1 cup Washing Soda

- ½ cup Baking soda

- 2 bars Organic Castile Soap, grated (about 2 cups)

- Optional: 10-15 drops Lavender or Lemon Essential Oil


-Using your gloves, add Borax, Washing Soda, Baking Soda, grated Castile soap and optional essential oils to the large container.

- Close the lid and shake/mix well.

- Use around 3-4 Tablespoons per load depending on size of wash load.


- Dr. Bronner’s is a great brand; you can find it for less online through or Pick your scent; lavender, peppermint, almond, tea tree, etc…



(prep time = 10-15 min.)

Items and Ingredients needed:

- Rubber Gloves

- 5 gal. Bucket with Lid

- 2 cups Organic Liquid Castile Soap OR 2 bars Organic Castile Soap, grated

- 1 cup Borax

- 1 cup Washing Soda

- ½ cup Baking Soda

- Optional: 10-15 drops Lavender or Lemon Essential Oil


- Fill 5 gal. Bucket HALF FULL with HOT water

- Using your gloves add Liquid or Grated Castile Soap and mix well.  If using grated soap, mix until dissolved.

- Stir in Borax, Washing Soda and Baking Soda

- Add Optional Essential Oils

- Stir all ingredients well

- Fill the rest of the 5 gal. Bucket with WARM water and stir well

- Cover with lid and Wait 24-48 hours; gently stir the mixture 1-2 times during waiting period for it to thicken

- After waiting period, mix well then transfer into a smaller re-usable liquid laundry detergent container with a funnel for easier use, optional.

- Use ¼ – ½ cup for HE washers, ½ – ¾ cup for non-HE top loaders


- The mixture may seem a little inconsistent. Make sure to mix in bucket or shake mixture in the re-usable container to mix the solution well prior to each use if needed.

- Store the extra in the 5 gal. Bucket and transfer it into the other container, as you need it.

- Dr. Bronner’s is a great brand; you can find it for less online through or Pick your scent; lavender, almond, tea tree, etc…


-Health is Wealth – IHS, Miranda Reyes, NCTMB, RMT, CMH -2013/2014 updates-

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