About me               photo               photo copyHello, my name is Miranda Reyes, I am a Colorado native and I was born in the beautiful mountains of Steamboat Springs.

I have over 20 years experience in the fields of Nutrition, Martial Arts, Physical Fitness Training and Medical Herbalism and over 12 years experience in Rehabilitative Treatment, Sports, Orthopedic and Deep Tissue Massage Therapy. I am Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Colorado State Board Registered as a professional Massage Therapist, Certified in Medical Herbalism, Clinical Nutrition and Vitalism, and Certified Tae Kwon Do Black Belt instructor and longterm Fitness Instructor turned consultant . Throughout all of the education, hands on training and vast amounts of experience over the years, it has helped me blend all of my passions together into an all encompassing Natural Health package for myself and my clients. I have been able to bring a dream of mine to life for my clients, allowing them to go through just one door for all of the integrative natural health support they need.

 Throughout the years I have had the wonderful opportunity to attend world renowned schools, The Boulder College of Massage Therapy and The North American Institute of Medical Herbalism/Nutrition, and graduated at the top of all my classes. I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge, skills and experience by working with amazing people and organizations. I was able to travel the world with a Professional Mountain bike racing team, Team Maxxis, as their Rehabilitative Sports Massage Therapist, Nutrition Guru and overall team support. I have also worked with several professional athletic teams and athletes that include; The Colorado Crush Arena Football Team, CU, DU and CSU Elite athletes, Olympian/Pro/Semi-Pro/Novice; runners, cyclists, triathletes, martial artists, MMA fighters, body builders, weekend warriors and ALL team sports athletes. I was given the opportunity to work in the Cancer Care, Post-Op, Orthopedic, Cardiac and Injury units as a Massage Therapist at Boulder Community Hospital. And I have been able to work alongside other alternative healthcare practitioners including; Chiropractors, Acupuncturists and Physical Therapist throughout my career. I continue to hone my skills while expanding my knowledge each and every day. I will never stop learning or exploring new possibilities.

I’m proud to say that as an Integrative Health Specialist and practitioner, I truly practice what I preach. I am a natural health nut and an athlete at heart. I am an avid Marathon Runner, Gym Junkie, a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and total outdoor enthusiast. When I am not working with clients I am either out running the trails, at the gym, training for another big race, hiking 14’ers with my husband and our 2 silly dog’s, spending time with family and making healthy nutritionally dense meals at home.

 Being able to coach others along their path to Natural Health and overall Wellness is the most rewarding part of my work and drives the passion in what I do. I look forward to the future and to reaching more lives through my quest to spread an epidemic of total health!