Rehabilitative Treatment Massage Therapy

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-Rehabilitative Treatment, Sports and Deep Tissue Massage Services, including Take Home Self Care Plan-

- Integrated Treatment based Rehabilitation, Orthopedic, Sports, Deep Tissue Massage. Including; Myofascial Release Technique (MFR), Trigger Point Therapy, Manual Lymph Drainage, Detoxifying Treatment Cupping, Range of Motion Techniques, Stretching, Active Isolated Stretching, Sports/Injury Muscle Testing, Take-home self-care techniques and more.

For all varieties of athletes and special needs clientele seeking Rehabilitative Treatment work for Injury Prevention, current/past Injury, Surgery, Sports Injuries, Chronic Pain/Illness, Post Op. Rehabilitation, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Restless Leg Syndrome, Rotator Cuff, neck/back/spinal injury….and SO much more!

ALL ORGANIC and ALLERGEN FREE Massage Lotion is used.

-Individual Rehabilitative Treatment Massage Prices-

*60 min.- $75

*90 min. – $100

*120 min. – $130

(Don’t forget to Add on your Cupping Treatment!)

-Rehabilitative Treatment Masssage Packages-

*Buy 4 get 50% off on the 5th massage!

(must be paid in full and used within 4 months of purchase date/all packages are for individual use only – not to be shared or gifted)

- 5 @ 60 min. – $337.50

- 5 @ 90 min. – $450

-5 @ 120 min.- $585

(Don’t forget to Add on your Cupping Treatment to your Massage Packages!)

 -Massage Cupping Treatment-

An effective method that uses Negative Pressure to releases rigid soft tissue, loosen adhesions and break up scar tissue, drain excess fluid and toxins, while cleansing and increasing blood flow to stagnant muscles.

Cupping is also very effective in reducing the appearance of Cellulite by loosening the connective tissue between fatty deposits under the skin that cause dimpling.

I use Slipstream cups made from soft flexible rubber, gentler than traditional glass cups, require no pumping or firing and contour to the body.

*Cupping Treatment, Injury Specific- $20 additional w/ massage or $40 by itself.

*Cellulite Cupping Treatment- $20 additional w/massage (OR) $50 by itself.

-Additional Massage Services-

*Massage therapy and Nutrition Outcalls available for additional charge

*Massage therapy for special events, sporting events, wedding parties and more available for additional charge

(2 hour minimum required for all special events).