“I have been getting massages from Miranda for years now.  Being a tall guy and sitting in front of a computer in my office all day sure can take a toll on my body.  Miranda is not only polite and professional, but she knows how to determine what is ailing me and get in there and fix it.  I always feel so much better afterwards and leave with new tips and tricks to keep myself feeling good.  I have recommended her services to friends and family and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for massage or nutrition consultations.”

-Nick, Loveland CO.


“Miranda is such a wealth of knowledge! I love that she loves what she does and is passionate about sharing her knowledge of nutrition and health to all who will listen!  I don’t have a lot of time to do any researching for myself and feel so uninformed most of the time. My family always teased me about living under a rock! Miranda has definitely opened my eyes to the perils of the Food Industry and our future as humans if we continue to accept the way the food industry is moving and continue to eat the food that is so unhealthy for us! 

I am guilty of being addicted to the unhealthy eating habits and pigging out on sugar and carbs. My hope is that working with Miranda, I will see what I continue to do to my body is only harming me and I will want to make the change to feel better. I also want to share this knowledge with my family and friends so everyone can be aware of the damage we are doing to ourselves and our world. 

Thank you, Miranda, for sharing your knowledge and for caring enough to want to change things for a better future for us all!”  

-Mandy, Loveland CO.


“Miranda is amazing! I used her personal training services and was astounded at what I could achieve, all with her guidance. One of the things that I liked the most is that she doesn’t use a bunch of expensive, elaborate fitness equipment; she is all about basic equipment and using the world as a gym. Miranda will push you out of your comfort zone and into a new and improved YOU. And she does it all with a smile!”  

-Suzanne, Frederick CO.


“Wow. What a difference a massage will make on the old body. Since I hike a lot and  am starting to get back in the swing of things after the winter doldrums my knee stiffened up. A two hour marathon massage with Miranda and now no stiffness what so ever and no pain in the muscle. I am whole again. This deep tissue thing is definitely to much of a secret. I think the word should get out. Sorry you had to work so hard but it paid off.”

-Ron, Boulder CO.


“Miranda has had “magic fingers” since she was a small girl.  Countless times she would massage my hands and feet after I had put in a 15-hour day at our family business; that was the only reason I could go back and do it all over again.  Now that her father and I are dealing with baby-boomer aches and pains, Miranda keeps us limber and strong with her powerful therapeutic treatments.  We are eating so much better through her nutrition counseling and herbal supplement advice.  She has created a “One Door” experience for the well being of the entire body.  We are so very proud of everything she has achieved and are elated to know that she has the ability to help so many other people in need of her special care!”  

-Myra, Boulder CO.


“Miranda is truly a professional and guru in the field of health and wellness! When traditional medicine fails, she can start to heal.” 

-Ronya, Loveland CO.


“She is one of the best massage therapists in the WORLD… I love that she doesn’t just focus on one thing, She is an expert in a wide range of fields. From Massage and fitness to nutrition and food allergy’s. Everything she does is with 110% commitment, patience and love for Health!!!”

-Adan, Loveland CO.


“I have relied on Miranda for Massage, Nutrition and Medical Herbalism since 2007. She is especially incredible with helping me manage my severe Restless Leg Syndrome with her massages! I highly recommend her for deep tissue massage, wellness advice and complete relaxation.” 

-April, Loveland CO.


“Miranda fixed my knee in one try.  I drive a lot for school and work so when my knee became sore and achy, she rolfed on it.  She had me howling in pain, but inside I was crying like a little girl.  It hurt, but she made the ache disappear in hours, and the problem has never returned.  She also makes surprisingly tasty vegetable soups – I love their flavor – and I prefer meat!  She has also opened my eyes to eating less gluten and milk – realizing I am allergic and intolerant to both in degrees – making meal times much more pleasurable.  She also has showed me the world of “juicing” organic vegetables and fruits by making crazy concoctions that have literally “blown my mind” then sedate me in a practical nirvana – no exaggeration – and they all taste pretty good!  She knows her stuff.”

-Ken, Loveland CO.


“Miranda is a paragon of knowledge and action in the healing arts.
Her knowledge and application is vast and astute. I have known her a long time and am always impressed and inspired buy her endless evolution and growth as a healer.
Her massage is the best deep tissue I have had anywhere. Even though she is a slender beautiful woman she is powerful and strong and has the skills to work deeply exactly where you need it.
Her every growing plethora of tools, applications and remedies will no doubt be beneficial to any issue you may arrive in her office with.
Highly and whole heartedly recommended!”

-Julia, Longmont CO.


I had my first appt. today. Miranda was very professional, knowledgable, and kind. I was very happy with my massage and very much looking forward to my next appointment!

-Lori, Loveland CO.



If you would like to leave your personal Testimonial, please do so below in the Reply box. Once the Testimonial is received, it will then be reviewed and posted.

Thank You for being a part of Health is Wealth – IHS, I couldn’t spread the epidemic of Natural Health without all of YOU!

-Health is Wealth – Integrative Health Specialist, Miranda Reyes, NCTMB, RMT, CMH-

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